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As a speaker, Ted Topping offers real-life, actionable advice. His keynotes and interactive presentations are motivational, inspirational and entertaining, and they provide significant lasting take-away value.

Ted's message resonates especially well with retail, hospitality, tourism and service companies, all of which need to deliver on the all-important details that create a memorable customer experience and sustained success.

Keynotes and Interactive Presentations

The role of these keynotes and interactive presentations (typically 60 to 90 minutes) is to stimulate thinking, evoke reaction and inspire while delivering a solid core of up-to-date information. Entertaining as well as informative, these formats work well for conferences, conventions, trade shows and larger corporate events.

To provide maximum impact and take-away value, Ted Topping works personally with every client to ensure that all content is relevant to the audience and in line with the goals for the event.

Engagement Based on Customer Experience

The incredibly high level a consumer-facing business must attain to succeed

This fast-paced interactive presentation can also be a practical, action-oriented conference keynote. It is as appropriate for people who have been in business a number of years as it is for those just starting out. This session touches on five areas common to every consumer-facing business including attractions, entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, retail, tourism, travel and even government: Strategy and Numbers • The Physical Space • Selling and Service • Team Productivity • A Position of Leadership.

Service and Customer Experience: Inspired by Disney

Influence both the service environment and the people in it

Whether as a conference keynote, interactive presentation or hands-on workshop, this topic lets companies benchmark and learn from the brand that has successfully delivered the world’s most enduring and successful theme park experiences for five decades. Ted Topping is familiar with the Disney experience as co-facilitator of Perfecting the Customer Experience, a multi-day program held in Anaheim, CA where participants learn that quality (attention to details) and service (exceeding guest expectations) need to be built into, not separate from, the product being sold. Ted's high-energy live sessions incorporate numerous real-life stories that will first help companies improve the service and experience they offer, and then deliver it consistently.

Selling is Service & Service is Selling

The crucial service mentality where closing is a natural outcome, and not an artificial tactic

This engaging session makes a strong case that selling and service are the same thing, but viewed from opposite sides of the counter. It will benefit anyone in retail, hospitality or tourism who works directly with the end-user customer. Building on the Connect, Understand and Satisfy approach to selling, Ted Topping offers convincing arguments and a uniquely practical way of explaining:

•  Three dominant trends currently affecting service businesses everywhere, and how to leverage these trends to create a distinctive competitive advantage that will add value to every customer interaction.

•  The need to view things from a big-picture perspective, while understanding and managing all of the crucial details that will make the business attractive to customers.

Appropriate for all consumer-facing businesses, this session will help to create ongoing, win-win relationships with customers.

Customer Service: The Underused Competitive Advantage

Your brand is a feeling, a reputation and a promise that you can reinforce through service

To a customer, a brand is not a logo, a name or a product. It is a feeling, a reputation and a consistently delivered promise. And for a customer, service is always personal. In this session, Ted Topping examines how and why on-brand service (not breaking your brand promise at the most personal level) is more critical than ever. He offers specific ways in which companies can improve the total customer experience they offer, and then deliver that experience consistently. Because it is so easy to talk about delivering service using great-sounding words, this session addresses the realities of service and value, service and branding, and price and loyalty.

Marketing and Branding Lessons in the Star Wars Trilogy

An interactive and fun look at five steps to the throne room

The Star Wars universe is still long ago and far away but, since Disney bought Lucasfilm, the brand is once again front and center. This unique and entertaining presentation – appropriate for anyone who is attempting to grow a consumer-facing business – presents powerful marketing and branding lessons inspired by the content of Star Wars. Ted Topping shares his flair for entertainment as he revisits the original trilogy and finds that (as Yoda says) much to learn there is, including: Traveling through hyperspace is not like dusting crops • When in doubt, angle the deflector shields • Nobody cares if you're fluent in over six million forms of communication. Who says you can’t have some fun with serious business lessons?

Interactive Workshops and Train the Trainer

Understanding the crucial difference between knowing something and actually being able to do something,  Ted Topping often leads interactive workshops (typically 90 minutes to three hours) for smaller groups. These let participants delve deeper into a topic and find ways to Put It to Work in practice.

Starting from a core presentation and interweaving several small-group exercises, this format works well for conference breakout sessions and corporate events that may include managers, staff or both.

For some topics, Ted has created a separate coaching session for managers (typically three hours) that will help train the trainers so they can take practical knowledge and skills back to their businesses and achieve meaningful real-world results. Contact Ted Topping for a list of workshop topics.

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