Ted Topping, President

Creative Insights Inc.

Vancouver, BC Canada

Ted Topping is an experienced speaker, author, consultant and educator specializing in perfecting the customer experience. In addition, he organizes a variety of Benchmarking Study Tours through his company, Creative Insights Inc.

Ted’s unique expertise comes from personal experience and decades of real-life consulting work.

He is a strong generalist who understands many aspects of a consumer-facing business. His approach is practical and action-oriented, and he delivers not just ideas but usable tools.

Ted always looks at a business from the big-picture, strategic perspective while helping clients understand and deliver the crucial details that make it all relevant to the customer. Select a specialty to learn more:

Interview on YouTube:

“In Search of Superb Customer Service”

Excerpts from an interview in which Ted Topping discusses various aspects of service and customer experience, and ways that a retail, hospitality or tourism business can improve it.

0:00  Retail is a people business that is driven by emotions

1:06  Apple adds the emotional component that earns its premium price

1:55  The emotional elements of Disney, Apple and Cirque create the “I want” buying motive

2:43  As a business strategy, “in the middle” is a terrible place to be

3:25  The difficulty in training customer service is an “age gap” of values

4:50  People have different values, so an employer needs to find the “right” ones at the time of hiring

5:37  “Extra mile” customer service is even possible in city government

7:06  Most people are fundamentally good and want to do a good job


at the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, CA

Benchmarking the Disney Guest Experience is a unique, two-day benchmarking program that demonstrates a service standard to which every consumer-facing business should aspire

This intense, small-group experience helps you to see the business behind the magic of Disney. Although you will be among thousands of guests, we will help you notice and study specific things – both good and bad – that most people will not see. You will interact constantly with the facilitators, and have time to discuss issues that are specific to your business.

While the Disney setting is amazing, this “learn by experiencing” program delivers practical ideas that you can apply immediately in the real world. And you don’t need to be part of a huge operation because Disney’s tactics, methods and standards work in any size business.

Benchmarking the Disney Guest Experience will be most effective for people working at a level where they can influence both the service environment and the people in it, and who already “get” why those things matter.

Information on this unique program HERE. Articles benchmarking the Disney guest experience HERE.

Ted Topping, President

Creative Insights Inc., Vancouver, BC Canada